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Next on the list…


Well the Christmas cards are in the box ready for December, at least the first batch are.  Can’t quite believe I’ve got some of my cards done and it’s only January – wow!  I want to add some more and also stitch some gift tags which I’ll do a little later.  Before then I want to finish all the mounting and tidying up jobs from the unfinished projects pile. Read the rest of this entry

It’s not just threads we buy…


I have to admit that now I’m back at work, and staring at a computer all day my stitching has slowed on an evening; I’m just too tired!  Still I think I’m getting back into the early morning habit now so will begin again tonight.

I’m doing quite well on the pile of ‘guilty secrets‘ I mentioned the other day, I’ve now got all but one of the Christmas cards finished and mounted.  Once the final card is stitched, that will be all my Christmas cards done for immediate family in 2013 – wow I’ve never been so organised! Read the rest of this entry

2013… time for a new stitching start!


Welcome to 2013, not sure how we got here, only seems 2 minutes since the beginning of 2012!

Am going to try and create at least 2 new blog posts per week this year, yes I know I’ve said it before, but you know how New Year resolutions go…

I didn’t get as much stitching done towards the end of last year as I would have liked, due to some family issues which had to take precedence but feel in the mood for some serious stitching now.  Have just placed an order for a bundle of new DMC threads (very reasonable prices, I’ll let you know how the order goes) , don’t you love it when you have a bundle of new threads just begging to be used, all those lovely colours, waiting to shine on your pristine Aida fabric; ah the joy of cross stitching…

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