Debbe - Cross Stitcher

Welcome Fellow Cross-Stitchers

Hi, I’m Debbe and thanks for landing on my cross-stitching blog.

I’ve been cross stitching since my early teens some 30+ years ago.

I’m married and we have 2 cats Molly and Lixie (Sunday name Felix), and 2 dogs Lucy and Floyd (The Family).  I work full time as a data manager for a local high school which I love, though I also find it (at times) the most frustrating job I’ve ever had!  My job does have a couple of major benefits though – an early finish, I’m usually home by 5pm latest and fantastic holidays… well you knew that one was coming didn’t you?

Time to Cross-Stitch

We try to get away during the warmer school holidays – we have a tent so can do that quite cheaply, which gives me lots of time to cross stitch, whilst hubby is off practising his photography or walking the dogs.  We made a conscious decision when we got the tent not to go high tech (you’d be amazed at the mod cons you can take camping these days); so we do the old fashioned things of reading newspapers and books (my Kindle is great for when away camping), listening to the radio – BBC radio 7 (as was, why did they change the name to BBC Radio 4 Extra?) is a particular favourite and talking to each other.

I’m also hoping my blog will motivate me to do more cross stitch when at home – rather than just watching American drama’s on TV – though I’m not giving up Bones or NCIS for anyone!

A Cross-Stitch Record

It struck me recently whilst chatting to a friend that over the years I’ve stitched many things most of which have been given away and I don’t have any real record – other than used kits, to show what I’ve done.  So this blog is going to be a mix of current projects and a record of kits and pieces I have completed in the past, who for and – if I can remember the details – when etc.

I hope to update this blog a couple of times a week – but don’t hold me to that, life and my job (which involves staring at a computer all day), has a habit of getting in the way of things!

It would be lovely to think that someone out there likes my blog – so please let me know if you decide to follow my musings.

Happy Stitching.

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  1. Hello Debbie, it’s Mandy here again! I contacted you ages ago now enquiring about the stitch club. I’ve been desperate to join in but my work hours were extended for a period of time and I would have found it too difficult to get through to Cleckheaton on time, travelling from Barnsley. Anyway my hours are changing again next week and to cut a long story short I was hoping to hear you were still running as a club? Hope your legs healing by the way 🙂

    • Hi Mandy

      Yes the club is still going, I’ll be back there in August, 7th to be precise! Leg should be OK by then and I’ll be able to drive. Hope to see you there, Cleckheaton Methodist Church, Cleckheaton. 7pm – 9pm (I usually arrive about 7.15pm).

      Would be lovely to see a new face!

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