One step forward, two steps back…


I haven’t done any stitching for almost a month now, actually I haven’t done much of anything for almost a month!About a month ago I started with what I thought was a cold, only it wasn’t… instead I had caught a nasty virus which kept me in bed (literally) for a week and has seen me off work for just over 3 weeks now.  I went to the doctors a few days after falling ill and was told to stay off work for the week, pretty obvious really given how terrible I felt.  The following week after a short stay in hospital (admitted after experiencing chest pains, which they were worried was the virus “going onto my heart” – thank goodness it wasn’t, as that was scary I have to admit) I was told by the doctor to take another week off.

The following Monday I thought I was OK to go back to work – big mistake!  I was in for 2 short days (phased return) and then back at the doctors with exhaustion… I can’t believe how something as “simple” as a virus can wipe you out in such an extreme way.   So, another (3rd) week on the sick.  Other than when I had my broken leg, I’ve never had this much time off work.

But I’ve finally begun to improve and am going back to work tomorrow, beginning with another phased return.  Fingers crossed it goes OK this time.

It actually works out quite well, like many of you, when I’m at work  it’s “full on” – no chance to ease yourself back into things, so you really need to be 100% well.  Going back tomorrow means I’ll work 2 short days, then school closes for half term so I’ll get a long weekend before going in to work over the holidays (I’m on a full time contract so don’t automatically take time off during school holidays).  Working in school over the holidays is completely different to during term time; far fewer people in to pester you, no meetings and the chance to work at my own pace – perfect for recuperating and doing a bit of catch up!

The other sign that I am getting better is that I’ve been stitching over the last few days.  When I’m ill I find my concentration goes and I struggle to do any stitching.  But the last few days I’ve been able to sit and stitch for a bit longer each day – and have made some progress on good old King Tut.

2/3rds down, 1/3rd to go…  I doubt my Dad will get the finished picture for Christmas, but I am quite pleased with myself all the same.

King Tut 2/3rds complete

King Tut 2/3rds complete

Onto the middle section next, am quite excited!  Will let you know soon how it’s going.

Enjoy your stitching.

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    • Hi Avis, am feeling much better thanks. I’ve made more progress since this last post, but think Christmas giving may be a bit of a stretch; still you never know, the garden is pretty much “put to bed” for the winter so it only takes a weekend of bad weather and I’ll be back to stitching all day!

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