Something different…


As anyone who reads this blog will know, I may be an experienced cross stitcher, but sewing machines are something of a mystery to me, but this week I’ve definitely improved my skills!

My parents moved house earlier this year and now have much less space than they used to, so as my Mum was thinking about getting rid of her sewing machine – an unthinkable idea even to me!  I decided it was time that I inherited it, not that I actually have anywhere to store it either… but I’m sure I’ll find somewhere soon!

This new addition to my sewing equipment prompted me to do a project I’ve talked about for ages but never got round to.  A cover for a cushion in the bathroom.

Our bathroom is small, think 2 baths wide by 1.5 baths long.  Next to the bath is a low level storage cupboard (hidden in the base are pipes etc.) which I’ve said for some time would benefit from a cushion.  So I’ve finally been out, bought the foam, had a trip to a local market and bought some fabric and made a cushion cover.

I didn’t really know how to do this, but figured it couldn’t be that difficult.  So I measured 1 long piece which went all round the cushion, allowing for an overlap at the back,(I’m not up to zips or button holes yet) then 2 rectangular pieces for the ends.  Sounds simple; of course I had forgotten that this cushion has 8 square corners, which I would have to stitch around and still have them look square at the end of it!

But I managed it, admittedly the first couple of corners were unpicked and re-stitched a couple of times – but I did it, and am very proud of myself.

Bathroom cushion in-situ

The cushion in-situ. Looks good if I say so myself and is very comfortable too.

Bathroom cushion end view showing square corners

A lovely snug finish, with square corners!

With new towels, bath mat and this cushion the bathroom has had a lovely makeover for not much money at all.  Now which room shall I sew something for next…

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