King Tut – taking shape


Happy Easter!  I’m having such a lovely time and am on a real roll with King Tut…

As you know this hasn’t been building too quickly recently; but it really has done these last few days!

I’m off work at the moment for the Easter holidays, I did some housewifely bits the first day then spent Friday with my hubby at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park – a fantastic day out.  So many things to see and we had a lovely sunny day for it too.  My hubby’s hobby is photography and he got some lovely images of the animals, everything from Tigers to Meerkats.

Saturday was a morning of chores then I sat down to stitch.  You know how sometimes you sit down and it just flows?  Well that’s how it’s been for me these last couple of days.  I feel so chilled and relaxed…  I’ve been sat for hours at a time, a real treat, just stitching.   Sometimes with the TV or radio on for background noise, other times just sat quietly stitching away.

Anyway it’s produced some real progress.  Drum roll please…

King Tut - really coming along now

King Tut – really coming along now

Another day or so and I hope to have the section above his right eye complete, in which case I’ll be a third of the way there.

So back to the stitching I go, will let you have another update in a day or two.

Enjoy your own stitching.

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