King Tut, that took some doing…


This project is coming along nicely but the section I’ve just completed seems to take forever to do!  As I’ve said before this chart has quite a lot of detail, especially given that there is no backstiching to do, but this latest section, just 20 x 30 stitches seems to have taken forever to complete.

The sides of the design have a lot of confetti stitches in them, but the top middle section is much worse, once I get past the next 20 x 30 block to the right of these then I’m back to the blue and gold bands, which definitely build up more quickly.

Though looking at the bottom of the collar, I have a feeling worse may be to come before this design is finished!

I’ve looked at the chart and decided to work my way down instead of across, to be honest it’s because the lower part of this section of the chart has more blocks of colour in it (being the face) so I’m hoping it will build more quickly and will give me a break from all the thread changing.

I did try the parking method for my threads but it didn’t seem to work very well for me, though I may give it another try later on.  In the meantime, thank goodness for my new glasses as threading needles is so easy now I can see them properly again…

King Tut 9.3.14

The top right section (20 x 30 stitches) has taken ages… all those confetti stitches!

Enjoy your stitching, hope it’s coming along a little quicker than mine!


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    • Hi sorry for the delay in replying, it’s been a bit hectic! Yes, I actually started by putting the pink “margin” down the left hand side and top then worked my way down from there. It’s really helped with the stitching.

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