King Tut, 1/6th done, well sort of…


Regular readers may be relieved to hear, that I’m really enjoying stitching King Tut, which given our history is a bit of relief!

Although I haven’t spent as much time on this lately as I would have liked it is now 1/6th finished – well sort of…

The chart comes on 6, A4 pages and I’ve completed the first of these (top left).  Now I’m classing that as having finished 1/6th of the design but the truth is that the 4 “corner” pages actually have quite a bit less stitching on them than the 2 “inner” pages which are pretty much stitched on every square of the chart.  So once I’ve completed the next page, then I will truly have finished a third!

I have a few days off work over the next week and DIY allowing, I’m redecorating the Hall and maybe the Kitchen… then I plan to stitch for a few hours each day.  So by the end of next week there should have been some reasonable progress on this.

It builds up quite quickly considering how many confetti stitches there are in it.  Not mention the thread changes.  I’m wondering if it may be worth trying either the “parking” method, where you leave the thread in the fabric ready for the next time you need it rather than starting and ending each time.  Or whether I simply have lots of needles ready threaded so I can switch and swap about more quickly.

I’ll have a go and let you know which works best for me.

In the meantime, here’s the latest update photo of King Tut.

Enjoy your stitching.



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      • Mine has a bit of a history too. It’s lived in 5 houses, I’ve graduated, had 5 jobs, I’ve got married and celebrated 8 birthdays. I’m determined to finish it this year.

      • Wow I thought me and mine had a long history! Don’t give up on him, I’m certain he’ll be worth it, I’m really hoping my Dad is finally going to receive my King Tut this year…

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