Bellpulls all stitched


These have been a lovely project to stitch, all we have to do now is decide on the mounts.

These bellpulls have been really easy to stitch, about an hour per letter.  All 3 are done now, so my sister and I just need to choose which style of bellpulls we want to use when we mount them.

I’m going to back them with iron-on interfacing then add a hem around the edges, add the bellpulls and my sister just needs to deliver them!

Bellpull All

All 3 stitched, just need to back and add the bellpulls; I hope the girls like them!

These have been lovely to stitch but I’m ready to go back to something more detailed, so King Tut is coming back out the work-bag.  You never know, this may just be the year that my Dad finally gets his picture!


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    • Thanks Claire, I showed them to my sister in their half finished glory the other day and she’s really pleased with them, we’re quite excited about how her friend will be when she sees them.

  1. Hi Debbe, thank you for the lovely warm welcome at the cross stitch club last night. There was a very friendly atmosphere and I’m now looking forward to the next meet up in March and getting to know everyone better. Happy times! 🙂

    • Hi Mandy, it was lovely to meet you at last! I’m glad you enjoyed it, we usually have a giggle and a gossip, even if we don’t always get much stitching done!

      I’ll make a point of introducing you to some of the other members next time.

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