Such an easy project


I’m having a lovely time at the moment, stitching up some bellpull style name samplers.  These are for a friend of my sister for her grandchildren and are stitching up quite quickly.This project was on my WIP list at the beginning of the month but was first mentioned to me back in May last year, the samplers are a long running saga for my sister’s friend.

I’m re-stitching one sampler and creating 2 new ones.  I didn’t actually find a chart to work from, but did find a picture of what we think is a very similar alphabet on the internet, good old Google!  I then recreated the alphabet on my iStitch programme.  It’s turned out pretty well and my sister’s friend is pleased with it, so that’s all that matters.

I’ve stitched the first name, almost finished the 2nd and will begin the 3rd today.  Each letter takes about an hour to complete, so a couple of evenings and I should have them done.

Once they’re stitched I’ll chat to my sister and we’ll decide on the style of bellpull we want to use, then we can get them backed and hung.  They’ve been lovely to stitch and I’m really pleased with them, I just hope my sister’s friend likes them.

Bellpull Ellie

Lovely to stitch, I just hope Ellie likes it once it’s finished.

Bellpull Natalie

Almost there, just the border to complete

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