1st project of 2014 completed!


Admittedly most of the work was done in 2013, but my first project of the year is now complete…The Christmas cards I began back in October/November and never got finished are done, pressed and mounted in aperture cards, so at least I won’t be paying out a fortune next year on cards for my close family.

The designs came from a freebie booklet in a magazine, though I did tweak them a bit.  I decided not to go with the usual Christmas colour as well, I had the card mounts in my stash, which I now need to replenish, so chose colours to suit.

I’m pleased with the results and spent a lovely peaceful hour or so mounting them today.

Christmas Cards 2014

Not the traditional colours, but I’m pleased with these cards

Below are images showing the detail on each card.

Let it Snow, let it snow...

Pretty blues and silvers work well in this design

Turquoise and Pink

Turquoise and Pink may be unusual choices but I really like the finished card

A pretty star for the Christmas sky

Purple is always a success in my family

Enjoy your stitching, hope your projects are progressing as you would like.

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