I think I need to stitch more…


I thought it would be nice to add a Gallery (see new page in top menu) to my site, which would show the projects I’ve completed during the year, and show picture updates on works in progress (WIP).  Only now I’ve added 2013 I’m thinking that maybe I need to stitch more…

Now that I’ve added the images to the 2013 Gallery I don’t look to have achieved that many finished projects.  There are 7 stitching images and 1 of those is a WIP!

I follow a few blogs written by stitcher’s and crafter’s (have a look in the right hand bar) and am always impressed at their work and how many projects they seem to complete.  Avis who writes Sewing Beside the Sea (she actually has 2 blogs) has 28 finished projects on her page – she’s a really talented lady doing quilting and other crafts as well as cross stitch.  Her Pentecost 2 project is fantastic and she finished this in only a few months,whilst working on lots of other projects at the same time.

If I’m honest I’m feeling a bit inadequate – which is daft really as I know you should never compare yourself to other people in this way as we’re all too hard on ourselves and are bound to be “found wanting”.

I think that some of this may be down to the fact that since starting my new job I haven’t stitched much, so maybe it’s some form of withdrawal kicking in?  Anyway, I’m stitching again and really want to finish some of my WIP pieces ASAP so I can begin something new!

So in a effort to start things off tidily in 2014 I’m going to list my WIP (as I did at the beginning of 2013) and work my way through things; hopefully not being distracted by new projects along the way…

Stitcher – do not disturb… a tiny project, just needs making up

Christmas cards… were intended to be used this year, just didn’t get them done, almost there

Christmas tags… another one I had intended to use this year, but with the new job etc didn’t – about half done

Name samplers… a new one (well 3 actually) which shouldn’t take long to stitch up

Blackwork design… seem to lose the ability to count every time I pick this one up!  Feel as if I’ve done more unpicking than stitching, really need to focus on it.

King Tut… I was really enjoying stitching this (finally!) last year, so want to get back on with it and get it completed

Ideas from magazines… as always there are a couple of magazines in my work bag with projects I really like the look of.  Hopefully I’ll get to a few more of these this year.

I think that’s all the WIP at the moment.  So now it’s time to stop typing and start stitching!

Enjoy your stitching everyone.

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  1. don’t feel inadequate about the amount of finished pièces you achieved last year Debbe. The fun is all about the stitching, not the finishing ^^ It’s a good idea to try and finish one WIP before starting something new – sort of the “carrot” theory, of “I’ve finished this so I can now begin something new as a reward” but it doesn’t always work. I’ve managed to keep my large WIPs down to a minimum over the years, and usually only have one large project on the go with several small projects thrown in from time to time for variety and to have the pleasure of actually finishing something. But each to her own – the important thing is to ENJOY ^^

    • Hi Claire, you’re so right the fun is in the stitching. I try to keep the big WIP to a minimum but in the last year have allowed myself to be distracted far more easily than I used to! Still we keep plodding on…

  2. Hi Debbe, I agree with Claire that enjoyment is the most important part of crafting. I only ever have one WIP for each discipline so one piece of cross stitch, one crochet etc. at any one time. This rule, however, does not apply to my box of finished quilt tops waiting to be quilted. I enjoy designing and piecing a quilt much more than quilting it. Looks like I make the rules up as I go along he-he! I really love all of your needlework but now that I have seen the board games, I may have to make one of those too! Thank you so much for the link 🙂 Avis x

    • Hi Avis, thanks for visiting. I think we should see a picture of your “box of quilts” I bet there are some real beauties in there, which we can look forward to seeing in due course! You sound so like me, in that you have a way you do things – till you think of another way which allows you to do something else too 🙂

  3. Your gallery is a fab idea! I already have the list of WIPs… considerably more than you have if that makes you feel better! Considering you work, I think you got a lot done in 2013!

    • Thanks Wendy, I already feel better as I’ve finished another small project, will post this weekend. It’s always nice to know there are other stitchers out there who are hiding behind their WIP stash too!

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