Dilemma Solved…


As you may recall I’ve been trying to decide which card or gift to stitch for my parents as they move house – well not only have I decided but I’ve got it stitched, one of the few pieces I’ve worked on recently.  Good job too as it seems they will be moving in a few days!

After much thought I decided that a card would be best so I went for option 2.  Whilst I really like the sign style “Home” design, I know that my Mum will have enough decisions to make on which of her existing photographs and pictures to display, given her lessened wall space.  So rather than add something else into the mix, I’ve just stitched them a new home card instead.

I adapted the design from the World of Cross Stitching, Helen Philipps Sampler Chart Book so it would fit an aperture card which I had in my stash and personalised it with their initials on the teacups.  If there is one thing you can be sure of when visiting my Mum and Dad, it is that there will be tea in the pot and cakes in the tin (home-made by my Mum).

I also changed the house in the original design to a bungalow in mine, as that’s what they are moving into.  It was stitched on 18ct cream Aida, using 1 strand of thread – I did a practice run of a few stitches in 2 strands and then in 1 to see which I preferred with this being a smaller count fabric and decided on the single thread approach; it’s less bulky on the fabric.

Including re-charting the design (I use Jane Greenoff’s iStitch for my designing and tweaking) to finishing the stitching I reckon it took about 10 hours work.

New Home Card for Mum and Dad

I’m pleased with this adapted design

Detail from new home card

You can always be sure of tea and cake at my Mum and Dads and I wanted to show this on the card.

I’m pleased with the final result and am sure they will be too.

Enjoy your stitching


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