Where does the time go?


Merry Christmas everyone!  I can’t believe I haven’t posted a blog for almost 7 weeks, where does the time go?

Not only have I not posted a blog, I’ve barely done any stitching either.  I’m blaming the new job; which I love, but it does take it out of you, meeting new people, figuring out another school’s system – you’d think, given that we are all “government organisations” that every schools’ systems would be the same – not even close!

Anyway, I’ve been there 2 months now, the time has flown.  I’m working with lovely people, although I still miss friends from my old school.  The job is fun, if hard work, but I expected that.  What I didn’t expect was getting home an hour or so later than before, being absolutely shattered and just not feeling able to sit and concentrate on my stitching.  So all the projects I was working on have been put on hold whilst I find my feet.

Of course that hasn’t stopped me looking at cross stitch magazines and adding to my “that’s nice, I’d like to stitch that” list.  I really do need that lottery win so I have more time to stitch.

Of course the lack of stitching meant that the Christmas cards didn’t get finished and I won’t be missing a Christmas card deadline again – £26 it cost me to buy family cards and a few tags!  I couldn’t believe it, I know I didn’t buy the cheapest cards, after all these were for parents and siblings but nor did I buy the bigger so called “expensive” ones.  A long, long time ago I worked for a greeting card manufacturer putting together all the information needed on the factory floor to produce the cards – so I know how little cards cost to make compared to their selling price – it’s a rip off!

OK rant over… it is Boxing Day after all and lesson learned.  The silver lining is that I’m well on with next year’s cards!

I did manage to get one card finished, the moving card for my Mum and Dad, I just need to take a photo then I’ll post a separate blog with the details.  We hoped they would be moved before Christmas but that didn’t happen, fingers crossed it’s going to be the 6th January; I do hope so, they’re living in a house full of boxes at the moment, with my Mum beginning to fret about everything getting moved in one day…

Well I have some time off work now, so plan to get back to my stitching and will begin updating more regularly than I have been doing.

Enjoy the rest of your Christmas, spend time with those you love, remember those you’ve lost and look forward to the future with an open heart and mind – you never know what’s just around the corner…


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  1. Hi Debbe, hope you had a lovely Christmas, even though it sounds like you haven’t managed to relax with your stitching!
    Remember me, Im the one who has been promising to join the lovely stitching group there but hasn’t managed it yet?! I have made it a New Years resolution to get involved and meet new people who share this great hobby!
    Anyway, Happy New Year and hope to see you soon,
    Mandy 🙂 x

    • Hi Mandy

      I had a lovely Christmas thank you, have got a bit of stitching done and hoping to do more today! You have the details on the club, our next meeting is 15th January. Have a lovely new year.

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