Another dilemma…


Following on from my post about there not being enough time to do everything I would like, I now have another project to pop into the mix…

My Mum and Dad are moving house!  You may wonder why that statement warrants an exclamation mark, well it’s taken us a while to get here…

My Mum and Dad have lived in their house some 45 years, or thereabouts, I can just remember us all moving in, them, me and my sister.  We would have been about 4 and 2 at the time, just before I started school.

They’ve been there ever since, my brother (now in his 40’s) was brought home to this house by very proud parents when I was 7 – and it really doesn’t seem that long ago.

However, they are now in their 70’s with some health concerns (nothing major thank goodness) and my mum’s mobility is not what it could be.  So, about a year or so ago I raised (having drawn the short straw with my siblings) that it was maybe time to think about moving, knowing that this may not get a very good reception.  We were right on that one!  But with time and patience and a lot of honesty from Mum, she did agree that the house (4 beds, large gardens etc) was too much for them now and it would be nice not to have to do so much just to keep on top of things.

So the great clear out began… We are a family of hoarders, oh nothing so obvious as it being at our houses, Oh no, we’d left most of it at Mum and Dad’s – well they had the space and these things were simply too important to be given/thrown away… Or so we said.  Oddly enough now that we have to have them in our own homes, things can be given/thrown away…  Many, many car loads later to local charity shops, council tip, local groups (Church, schools etc) and they’re pretty much there.

The house went on the market a few weeks ago and sold straight away (brilliant!) and they’ve had an offer accepted on a lovely 2 bed bungalow – much better suited to their current lifestyle.

So what’s the dilemma I hear you cry… well now I have to decide on a new home gift.  In truth the actual gift will probably be a combined cash gift from the 3 of us.  As the new bungalow is so much smaller, Mum and Dad are going to sell most of their current furniture (which will certainly make moving day easier) and replace with new, smaller pieces (I think Mum is quite looking forward to a spending spree) – so cash towards something nice will be appreciated.

But I want to stitch something too, only I’m all too aware that they already have a lot of pictures (photos and cross stitch – mum stitches too, though not so much these days) with less wall to display everything.  So what to stitch?

There are 2 candidates at the moment…

Candidate No. 1 – which I’ve liked ever since I saw it in a magazine and could easily adapt to be a card if I decide a wall hanging isn’t appropriate.

Candidate no. 1

A plaque style cross stitch, would could easily be made into a card

Candidate No. 2 – again I’ve liked this since I saw it.  The original design is too big for what I want to do, but would adapt easily enough to a card.

Candidate no. 2

This will adapt easily enough, could make the house a bungalow – change the coffee pot to a teapot (my dad loves his cuppa’s)…

The second option is probably going to be quicker to stitch, but I do think the 1st is pretty and I may not have need to stitch it for a while otherwise and by the time I’ve tweaked the 2nd design the time spent on it will probably not be that much different.  Decisions, decisions…

Will check my thread and fabric boxes, see which I can get to work on soonest…

Enjoy your stitching, hope you’re not having the same dilemma of what to work on next that I am!


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