So much choice, so little time…


I can’t believe I’m typing this, but Christmas is once again on the horizon.  You have to wonder how it manages to come round again so quickly.

I’m working steadily away on King Tut and will continue to do so, however I bought a copy of the latest World of Cross Stitching magazine the other day, I do like this one, the projects appeal to me and they do lovely freebies.

This issue (209) has lots of Christmassey things in it it (as you would imagine) with more metallic threads and a lovely chart book of ideas on how to use them.

I’ve still got a few tags to finish off from last year’s freebie booklet and think I will add some of these new designs as cards into the mix.  There is also a lovely 12 Days of Christmas design which I’d really like to do, but (A) I don’t have the time and (B) I’ve nowhere to display it at the moment.  Still it can always go on the retirement list…

Do you have a “retirement list” it’s all those sewing projects you’d really like to do, but simply haven’t the time at the moment so you’ll “do them when I retire” I’m going to need a really long retirement to fit it all in!  Either that or a hefty, no longer need to work, kind of lottery win – well a girl can dream!

Just to whet your appetites and in case you’re looking for it in the shops, here is a quick piccie of the World of Cross Stitching magazine which is causing me these difficult decisions.

World of Cross Stitching Issue 209

Where to start?

I’ve asked my hubby to buy me a gift subscription to this magazine; if I do it that way I save 50% of the annual cost, whereas if I just buy a normal subscription it only saves me 33% – in these days of watching the pennies, why would you not go for the cheaper option?

Enjoy your stitching, will update you soon on King Tut and on my decision of which Christmas projects to take on.


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    • They are lovely and you get the threads free which is good too! I find the freebies from World of Cross Stitching really good and I love the designs in their magazines.

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