King Tut, taking shape


With a new job and lots going on at home, I haven’t done much sewing this last week or so, but I have made some progress on King Tut…Given my history with this project I’m now really enjoying stitching the design.  It won’t be as sparkly as the original would have been as this version doesn’t use metallic threads, and it does feel that I’m changing colours every 5 minutes and I don’t use the method of swapping threaded needles instead of re-threading each time; though it may be time to try it.

Also the fact that this design doesn’t use any backstitch, means that the picture detail comes through really quickly.

I’m also finding the grid which I put onto the fabric really useful and so far (touching wood) I haven’t needed to unpick anything.  Due to the nature of the design if I do get the stitches in the wrong area it will really show up, so am hoping the grid will continue to help me keep on track.

King Tut progress 25-10-13

The detail is coming through very nicely and no backstitch to do later on!

I’m really quite pleased with it, though it’s not looking like it will be finished in time to be my Dad’s Christmas present…

Enjoy your stitching, I’ll post an update on the blackwork project in the next day or so.


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