Beating the dark nights…


Another gap between posts, things are so hectic at the moment I’m struggling to fit in my stitching.  That coupled with trying to stitch King Tut under artificial light have slowed things down somewhat, but I think I’ve found a solution…

I’m struggling at the moment to get on with my stitching, I’m about to leave my job and am trying to leave it in as good a position as I can, along with training up a possible replacement, so I’m getting home shattered and not capable of concentrating on my stitching.  I know that if I can motivate myself stitching helps me relax, but at the moment all I seem capable of is staring at the TV.

On top of that I’ve been finding it difficult to stitch King Tut under artificial light.  The problem is mainly around seeing the holes in the Aida rather than anything else; but I think I’ve found a solution.  It’s not elegant but it does seem to work…

Lighting from below

It may not be elegant, but a lamp on the floor under the stitching seems to do the trick

All my brainwave comprises is a small bedside lamp from the spare bedroom, with its shade removed, placed on the floor under the stitching.  It does make quite a difference to seeing where you need to stitch.  So that and the spotlight type lamp which I have shining over my shoulder, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get back to my stitching.  See what you think below.

Lit from beneath

Having the light shining through from below makes a big difference

I have made some progress on King Tut this week, though not as much as I would have liked.  I was going to post an image but it’s come out really blurred so I’ll post one next time.  The grid is really helping on this project, especially as it feels as though I’m changing threads every few minutes (a bit of an exaggeration).  There are six A4 pages to the pattern (a lovely clear chart) and because of the grid I’ve put on the fabric I’ve been able to start my stitching at the top left instead of the centre as I normally would – quite a novelty.  It may be slow progress but I’m finally enjoying stitching this project.

Enjoy your stitching, hope you’re making better progress than I am!


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