King Tut … ready to sew!


Finally, I’m ready to begin the stitching on King Tut!  It’s taken some time as we all know, but I’m hoping to have turned a corner on this one…I don’t usually do this, even on larger projects, which given the overall finished size of 7.5″ wide and 9″ high I don’t think of this as a large project, but I decided I would grid this fabric out before I begin sewing.

My reasoning for this is that I know from experience how easy it is to mis-count on darker fabrics and this is being sewn on 16ct black Aida, so to avoid any more upsets between me and King Tut, I’m taking no chances!

Fabric all gridded up

The pink indicates the edge of the design and the 4″ border I’ve allowed

I’ve also gone for slightly wider borders on this one, as I haven’t quite decided on the frame and mount and don’t want to be limited when it comes to choosing, so I’ve allowed 4″ all round.

It’s odd, the fabric seemed quite big to begin with, but now the grid is on it shows how small the finished design actually is.  It’s also surprising how small each of the 10 x 10 stitching blocks are, of course they are only just over ½” square, but it does bring it home to you.

So, I’ve sorted my threads, just need to decide which metallic I’m pairing with which cotton and I’m ready to go – hope to get started this afternoon, depending on how long our visitors stay (hubbies birthday on Tues so people dropping off cards and pressies).

Wish me luck – you know how King Tut and I have done in the past!

Enjoy your stitching.


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  1. Hi Debbe, thank you for visiting my blog 🙂 I’m very intrigued by your grid method. I can imagine it would help a lot with darker fabric. I remember giving up with my royal blue aida but will definitely try this now. Also, I have a question….could you recommend a metallic thread that doesn’t shred when used for cross-stitch. I’d love to use metallics on my new project. Avis x

    • Hi Avis, lovely to hear from you, I’m looking forward to all your news on both sites! The grid is helping, I’ve been away for a few days and will post a blog soon on my progress to date. King Tut is finally underway… I really like Madeira’s Metallic threads, I use the No. 10 – which is stranded and I generally use 2 threads in the usual way, or sometimes 1 strand cotton, 1 metallic. They have a nice though not extensive range of colours. Be careful when splitting the threads as sometimes they are a mix of light and dark strands to give them their lovely effect, so you need to make sure you keep them mixed; or for a different look you can split them down into the different tones, 2 colours for the price of 1! You also need to keep the lengths a bit shorter than usual and allow them to dangle every few stitches to unwind, other than that I find them really easy to stitch with and haven’t had any real problems with them shredding. Good luck, on your new project. Debbe x

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