Post It’s all done!


As you may recall from a while ago I’ve been stitching post it note covers, which are finished now and I’m very pleased with the results.

I’ve ended up making 6 large and 10 small post it covers, I got a bit carried away, but have just realised today, whilst backing and putting these together, that I haven’t actually done one for myself!  So, when I get time I’ll have to do one final design…

I waited until all the designs were stitched as I wanted to have a single session of putting things together, and I like to get everything organised before I start – I think it’s my ocd’ish tendencies coming out…

Getting organised

All ready to begin putting things together

They were really easy to put together, I’ve added images below which show the stages in case you decide to do something similar.

Step 1 – as my designs were stitched on plastic canvas I backed them with sticky back felt which I had in my stash from backing the Ludo board I stitched a while ago.  I laid the ribbon onto the wrong side of the design them used the felt to both cover the back and hold the ribbon in place.

With the smaller designs which were stitched on Aida, I folded them around a piece of card cut to the same size as the note pad, fixing in place with double sided tape.  Then I stuck a 2nd piece of card over the back (sandwiching the tape between) to make them nice and tidy.

Step 1, backed in felt with ribbon in place

Plastic canvas, with ribbon held in place by the covering sticky backed felt

Step 2– now you need to attach the ribbons to the first piece of card which makes up the back of the note pad.  I found the easiest way was to remove the original paper backing sheet from the pad then stick the pad onto one of the pieces I had cut out.  I then stick a small piece of double sided tape onto the other side.  Then I held the pad and front cover together, in the same way as they would be when completed and simply folded the ribbon round and stuck it to the backing.

Step 2 attach the front to the back

Quite easy once you’ve get a system

Step 4 – Add the final cardboard piece to the back of the pad so you can no longer see the ribbon ends and you’re all done!

Step 4 - all done!

With the final piece in place on the back, you’re all done!

So here we are, all done!

Mini post its, Christmas fund raisers

These mini post its are going to the nursery my sister works at and my nephew’s school when they have their Christmas fairs

Gifts for girls at work

These are for the girls at work as a combined ‘here we go again’ and ‘thanks for keeping on top of things’ gifts

Well that’s one project done and dusted.  Now I just need to finish the Christmas tags I’ve also got on the go then I can really concentrate on King Tut, which I’ve now begun to grid up.

Lots to do!  Enjoy your stitching.


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