King Tut… new and improved!


Well it’s taken some getting here and no, it’s not actually stitched (not even begun to be honest), but I have a new plan and I’m actually looking forward to stitching it!

As anyone who has read my blog for a while will know, I have a difficult relationship with Tutankhamun, or King Tut as I’ve taken to calling him (easier to remember the spelling!)  Click on Tutankhamum Death Mask in the tag cloud on the right if you want to read articles 1 to 3 on the Death Mask – they don’t make pretty reading…

The kit I was originally going to stitch for my dad (for his birthday last week was the original plan) is horrible!  So after much soul searching and some self honesty I finally admitted I’m never going to stitch that particular chart/kit.  So I’m breaking it down into threads and fabric to go into my stash; I don’t hate it so much that I’m going to waste useful materials!

I have bought a new beautifully clear chart from Celtic Rose Needlecraft and the fabric, 16ct black Aida and the threads I was missing arrived in the post this week.  So this is going to be my official summer holiday project.

This chart has no metallic threads, though being the fickle woman I am, I do plan to put some glints into it using Madeira metallic threads.  I reckon with all the shades of gold and blue it will have a lovely ‘zing’ to it and believe it or not no backstitch!  It’s not often I do a larger project without any backstitch, so am quite excited about it, once the final stitch is ‘crossed’ that’s it, nothing more to do – wow!

I’m also going to try working on this piece differently as I plan to grid the fabric and maybe (haven’t quite decided yet) work on a 10 x 10 or 10 x 20 section at a time.

I just need to finish the last of the post it pad fronts and get them made up and I can begin this.  Am actually excited about it – which makes a change for me and King Tut!

As soon as I begin stitching I’ll start the regular updates.

Enjoy your stitching…


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