Heaven found… on the internet!


I think I’ve just found heaven, or at least a version of it at least, on the internet.

I wasn’t going to write a post today, but having just spent half an hour browsing this website, I’m so agog I need to share!

As you know I like Dragons so I fancy doing a dragon’s eye design – there are some quite nice one’s out there so I thought I’d have a browse with a cup of tea.

In my browsing travels I came across Busy Lizzie Crafts this site is, for me, just wonderful.  I’ve been clicking on sections, the site is split into categories on the left and Heaven & Earth Designs (HAED) has to be my favourite right now!  Some of these designs are incredible.  I’m particularly taken by Randal Spangler’s designs (go via artists or simply search Spangler on the site).  The colours, the details… these are years long projects and are simply gorgeous!

I simply don’t know where to start!  ‘Couch Dragon’,’Curl up with a good book’, ‘Computer catastrophes’ now that strikes a chord with me… These charts could keep me going for a lifetime.  Given that some of the reviews on the site say they’ve finished a project after e.g. 3 years work, I’m probably right about the lifetime thing!

When I think of what was available in chart or kit form 30 some years ago when I began stitching – oh we have come a long way!

The HAED section also has some really good advice on how best to tackle a large project such as these, things we probably all know, but forget or think we won’t bother with, then regret later.

OK I think it’s time to calm down, take some deep breaths – practice my yoga breathing, maybe lie down in a darkened room for a while.

I do love stitching and now I will have lots of gorgeous charts to put onto birthday and Christmas wishlists… my life is complete!

Hope you’re as excited about your stitching as I am.


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    • Hi Mandy

      Aren’t they just… oh I get giddy just thinking about them! I see what you mean about the Faces of Faery too – they are eye catching!

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