Back on my feet again…


Well I’ve got the all clear and no longer have either a leg brace or crutches – yippee!

You may need a cup of tea whilst you read this one, it’s turned out a bit longer than I expected!

I finally got the all clear last Thursday, so it was out to lunch with my Mum and Dad, my treat, to say thank you for all the taxi services my dad had provided over the 6 weeks.  The doctor didn’t even bother doing a 2nd X-Ray (not sure if I feel short changed on that or not…) as he said it was apparent from the way I was walking and talking that it was healed and that by the time I go back to school in September, I won’t know it was ever broken.  My right leg still aches, especially if I overdo things, kicking a football for the dogs is borderline on that at the moment, but I’m still doing it – they do so love to chase a football!

So what have I been up to whilst I’ve been waiting, none too patiently I may add, for my leg to get back to normal?  Well, I’ve re-read all the Harry Potter books (again) and thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself back into Hogwarts and all that magic…  I’ve almost re-read all of the Jack Ryan books (currently on Debt of Honour).  Very different of course to HP and friends, but enjoyable all the same!

I’ve watched far more TV than is good for me; daytime TV is terrible!  I moan about repeats and ‘cheap’ TV enough on an evening, so to see even more during the day is truly brain rotting!  Though I have to admit that I was hooked to Wimbledon – yes Andy boy, you finally did it!

Several days recently have also found me hopping to and from the BBC news channel to keep an eye on what was happening in the arrival of our latest Prince.  I do so love a baby…  It’s wonderful news that he and mum are doing well and lovely to see some good news and happy people instead of the usual doom, gloom and misery.  I’m guessing there is going to be a boom in ‘Georges’ over the next year or so…

Oh and Prince Harry’s description of his new nephew as “this long and this wide” (imagine the hand gestures) was classic!  A typical man’s description of a baby – priceless!

Somewhere along the way I also did some stitching!  Well, I hear you ask what did you do?

Well, although I’ve just had 6 almost 7 weeks off work, I’m now off for the summer holidays!  I wanted to stitch a small gift for the girls I work with, so I’ve taken a design from The World of Cross Stitching issue 202, tweaked it and stitched them Post It Holders.   They used 14ct Aida backed with card, I decided that plastic canvas would be more durable, which I’m going to back with self-adhesive felt.  I’m really pleased with them and just need to put them together.

Neon Stickies from Staples

Thought I’d go for neon, so much nicer than the original pastel colours

I decided to use neon coloured pads, so much more cheerful than the traditional pastel yellow.  I bought mine from Staples as they seem the best priced, I hadn’t realised how expensive these can be – you wouldn’t believe the price of ‘proper’ 3M Post Its…

The mini pads I’m splitting down into 5 separate pads and am stitching some mini motifs for these on scraps of 16ct Aida, which I’m then going to pass onto my sister and nephew to use at their nursery and school (respectively) Christmas craft fairs when they come around, I think they’ll make nice ‘pocket money’ items on the craft stall or can go as little prizes on the eternally popular tombola.

Post It Holder fronts

The finished fronts and ribbon which I’ll use to make the holders up

I really am quite pleased with these, they took more stitching than on Aida as I had to stitch the ‘background’ as well with them being on plastic canvas, but worth it.  I picked up the pack of ribbon from Wilkinson’s for less than £2 and it’s the perfect colour mix for these.  I’ll need to get some ‘christmassy’ ribbon for the mini holders before I can put them together.

Mini Post It Holder fronts

I’ve 10 of these to do but they only take a couple of hours each

I’m doing 5 different designs for each of the recipients, otherwise I can see arguments over who gets which designs!  I’ve done different colour combinations on some though to keep it interesting for me.  Once they are all completed, I’ll make them up and let you see the finished articles.

My final project this last few weeks has been Christmas tags – we’re only in July I hear you all shout, but you know it takes time to stitch these things and my usual trick is to leave them till oooh, the day before I want to wrap presents.  So, I’m being sensible and ‘prepared’ as the scouts say.  Mind you, I’ve just run out of the metallic threads so need to buy more, which means this one is on hold until I get them next week.

Christmas initials tags

Lovely and sparkly stitched in Maderia metallics

These are stitched in two strands of Maderia metallic threads and will be mounted onto red and green card with ribbon to attach them to the gifts.  Should be pretty when done.

Finally… I have a new plan for King Tut!  Will blog on that later….

Hope your cuppa lasted till you got to here, enjoy your stitching and the sunshine!


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