Cat’s Eyes


It’s been a couple of weeks since I wrote a post, I have been stitching – will do a separate piece on that a bit later, but to get me back into things,here’s another archive piece.  A quintet of cat’s eyes watching you through what could be described as the widest letter box in the country!

I stitched this about 15 years ago and still like it.  Although I would do the mount differently 2nd time around and have it run along the edges of the stitching.  To give a slightly spookier “staring at you” feel.

Cat's Eyes

A quintet of nosy cats, peering through the letterbox, at least that’s how it looks to me!

I switched the order of the cats around to that shown on the kit, as I thought it looked better, just personal preference.  It was stitched from a Pegasus Originals Inc kit, the threads needed sorting but they did supply some cards to put them on to.

The chart was on an A3 piece of paper, one under the other with a thread key next to each – which made using the chart much easier as I could fold and unfold it as I went along, rather than having 1 large chart on the settee next to me.

The kit did say to use 3 threads, but I think that’s a bit heavy on 14ct Aida so just used 2 threads.  The final nice thing was that there is no backstitch on the kit so once the cross stitch was done, that was it!

Because of the way the charts are done, it would be really easy to stitch each pair of eyes separately as cards or individual pieces.

I remember this stitched up really quickly, a couple of weeks and it was with the framer.  It’s been on various walls, in a couple of houses since then and still is now.

Hope you’re enjoying my archive pieces, I’m quite enjoying my trip down memory lane!


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