Smile Please!


This archive piece is a lovely wedding sampler and whilst I was stitching it I well and truly learnt the art of French Knots!

I stitched it some time ago now, for the wedding of one of my cousins, must be 16-18 years ago, as she got married a couple of years or so after I did.

It’s from a Mulberry Hill Collection by DMC kit and the colours were really quite soft and sweet.  I added their names Heather and Andy (though I think I stitched Andrew) along with the date of the wedding into the space to the right of the bride.

Smile Please

A lovely piece to stitch, came together quite quickly until the French Knots!

Ah those French Knots… have a look below, the button hole, bouquet and head dress are all done entirely in French Knots.  Now up until this piece I hadn’t really done many, an odd one or two on a piece but this one has well over a hundred of them!  At the time I used to sit in my car in my lunch break and sew for an hour, I was temping so used the extra time to sew instead of gossip at lunchtime.  I remember stitching those French Knots whilst sat in my car, radio on muttering and mumbling about ‘”whose daft idea was it to stitch this design?”, it being mine of course!

Still when it was done I was thrilled and I remember Heather being just as pleased when she saw it.  When we visited them in their first home a while later it was on show on their living room wall.  We’ve lost touch in the year’s since, I wonder if they still have it?

Smile Please Detail

All those French Knots, still I don’t think twice about them since this piece!

My sister stitched this piece a few years later for a friend of hers, I did warn her about the French Knots but she did it anyway.  Oddly enough, she did the same muttering and mumbling whilst adding them, but like me was thrilled with the result.

So it just goes to show, it may not always be easy, or quick but it really is worth making the effort on a special piece.

Will post again soon.  Enjoy your stitching.


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