The Castle


As I’m looking through my old projects I’m getting a sense of a theme, or maybe it’s just the one’s I’ve looked at so far.  Either way this is another Castle and a dragon!

I remember this design being very popular when I did it back in 2001.  Believe it or not, but it’s not actually framed yet!  Something I intend to resolve in the not too distant future as I still like this finished piece.

The Castle

I really enjoyed stitching this piece even if it is more of an advanced kit from Janlynn.

64 colours, used across 33 stitching symbols, as every stitch on the finished piece is made up of two different colours blended together.  10 different colours used in the back-stitch alone.  The chart is split over 2 x A3 pages and is very clear, though I enlarged it on the photocopier and used as 4 x A3 sheets.  Particularly useful as I did the back-stitch as I could highlight it as I went along.

I did have to sort the threads onto pre-supplied cards though and remember this taking a couple of evenings to do!  Mind you there were probably enough of them to stitch this twice as I still have lots left in the folder.

The only thing which let this down was the fabric supplied… essentially it was too small.  I didn’t know this till a fair way into the project (after I’d spoken to someone else who had just finished it) or I would have used a different piece of Aida, but it’s only about 1″ larger than the finished design to the right and left.  So I won’t be framing this one myself but taking it to a local framer who has done some work for me in the past.

The photo is slightly wonky but the project is designed so that the mount sits down the left and right hand side, snug against the stitching of the wing and rocks.

I have seen it done with just one colour used for the back-stitch and I have to say I prefer it done following the instructions, although it took nearly as long to back-stitch as it did to do the main cross stitch (or so it felt) but it gives a much more detailed feel.

All in all, a really enjoyable project.  I loved the design then and still do now.

Enjoy your stitching.


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