Forward stitching


As you may know I broke my leg recently and I’ve been finding it hard to concentrate which means I’m getting bored… so I’ve decided to ‘pull myself together’ and do some forward stitching.

Forward stitching, as you’ve probably guessed is actually the same as forward planning, but much more fun!

I’ve been browsing through my stash of cross stitch magazines and have decided to stitch a few smaller projects whilst I’m somewhat incapacitated.  I should of course be working on old King Tut, but as we know that’s another story altogether…

I’ve come across a few small items which will make lovely cards, tags and gifts.  I’m going to make ‘Post It’ holders for some of my friends at work  as “back to school gifts” ready for September (World of Cross Stitching, issue 202, page  29) they show these made from Aida wrapped around card, but I plan to use plastic canvas instead, which I’ll back so they are nice and neat, as I think they’ll be sturdier.  These are really pretty designs, but I think I may adapt them to include their initials, as you know what it’s like in an office where people wander off with pens, pencils, post it’s etc.  Hopefully that will help them stay on the right desks!

Depending on how long they take to make, I may also do a few for tombola prizes for my nephew’s school fund raisers, they’re something a bit different and I can do a mix of grown up and children’s designs for that.

I’m also planning on doing birthday cards for a couple of friends.  Not sure on the designs of these yet, will keep you posted.

Then, believe it or not, I’m going to start on Christmas cards and tags.  Yes, you read it right, Christmas…  I know we’ve only just had the Summer Solstice but if you think about it, that means were now on the download slope to Christmas and whilst I’m off work and have the time, it seems a good idea to get organised.

The tags are from the same freebie chart book I used for some cards last year, so I’ll be sure to take photos this time!  I only need to stitch 6 cards and 9 tags so they shouldn’t take too long at all.  In fact I’ll probably begin them first as I need to order some bits and pieces for the other projects.

Thinking about it, I may also make some of those post it holders for my Mum, Sister and Sister-in-Law as stocking fillers.

So the first thing I need to do is get my equipment together (I feel a shopping spree coming on!) and then I can get started.

Suddenly I don’t feel so bored anymore.

Enjoy your stitching and planning!


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