A Country Mouse


This is another archive piece, one I’ve had in my bag so long I can’t actually remember quite when I did it.  It’s very sweet though.

This little country mouse is stitched onto the back of a small handbag mirror.  It’s been in my bag so many years (it has a little felt pouch to keep it in) that I really can’t remember when I did it, I think it must be at least 15 years ago.

If memory serves me right I also stitched one for each of my cousins for their 21st birthday that year and maybe one for my sister too – not sure about that.  If that’s the case then it must actually be about 18 years ago.

Country Mouse

My friendly little mouse has been just about anywhere I have over the years!

He’s been a faithful companion and a really useful thing to have in my handbag so I think that’s where he’ll stay for the next 18 years or more!

Enjoy your stitching, it’s the day to day items that often end up meaning the most to us.


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