Raby Castle


As the original idea for this blog was for me to keep a record of the pieces I’ve stitched over the years I think it’s about time I start to build up the archives.  This piece showing Raby Castle is still a favourite of mine, even though I finished it over 10 years ago.

Raby Castle, for those of you who maybe haven’t heard of it, is found in Co. Durham and is home to Lord Barnard and his family and really is a fantastic example of a medieval castle, I’ve done the tour and the guide books do not lie!

I love Castles, always have, from ruins hidden away in Scottish valleys or still standing guard over our towns and cities, to these well loved family homes – just imagine growing up somewhere like Alnwick Castle, (another one I’d recommend visiting) where some of the Harry Potter films were made – does it get any better?

Well of course, you have the hundreds of thousands of pounds (and more) to find each year just to keep the place going – but hey, it’s a castle!

By the way, I’ve linked to the publisher site for Harry, as I always think you should read the book before seeing the film.  And yes, of course I’ve read them – they have castles, magic and dragons, what more can I say…

I actually bought this kit in a shop in Alnwick, Northumberland one of my favourite counties to visit. We’d gone away for the weekend and I’d stumbled upon a haberdashery and there was this kit by Heirlooms Needlcraft.  We’d been to Raby Castle the previous summer, on our way home from another weekend away and had such a lovely day there (the sun was out, the sky was blue, there was a summer fete in the grounds… a really good day) that I thought I’d stitch this as a memory.

Raby Castle

It hangs on the wall in my bedroom and even though I completed it in 2001, it still makes me smile and reminds me of a wonderful day out.

That’s the thing with hand-made things.  To me the memories are somehow more tangible, as if whilst I was stitching it the memory managed to get woven into the threads.  I know you can buy lovely keepsakes, I have a few myself, but somehow the ones you do for yourself or your loved ones just seem to hold more memory.

And on that fanciful note I think it’s time to close!

Enjoy your stitching and the memories.


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