A million stitches…


I was wondering today, I obviously don’t have enough to keep me busy…  How many cross stitches have I stitched?  A million, less, more?

This thought, I believe, shows the slightly “odd” side of my brain – after all what does it matter?  Not at all I admit, but now I’ve had the thought it’s stuck in my head.

I’m going to have a look on the WordPress site and see if I can find a counter of some sort and try to keep a note of what I sew over, say, the rest of this year.

Now that idea really is sad, but I’m still going to look into it!

In the meantime I’ll just add a simple panel into the right hand menu of my site and update it manually.

I have lots of ideas for projects and could set myself weekly, monthly etc targets I think I’ll begin with my new project Fairy Dreams.  The second one from the diary in which A Mother’s Love also came from.  It’s a similar sized project and I could give myself a week to complete it.  OK, maybe 2 weeks.

I also have a couple of birthday cards to stitch – don’t know if you remember me mentioning the mising flower alphabet chart recently?  Well I’ve found it!  Where it should have been, neatly tidied away in my stash – my eyes really aren’t what they used to be.  Anyway I need to get them done.

I reckon the stitches could mount up quite quickly.  Pity I can’t backtrack old projects very easily or I could put an archive number and a new number… for me to even have that thought shows how odd my brain is, never mind writing it down in a blog post for all to see!

So – how many stitches do you think you’ve done maybe we could have a board showing how we’re all doing.  Oh I can feel the headache coming on now.  OK now it really is time to “get a life”!

Enjoy your stitches, all of them!


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