A Mother’s Love, 4 – finished!


It’s done and it’s lovely.  Am really pleased with this piece.  Just need to wash, press and find a frame and it can go up on the wall.

This piece is just as lovely as I thought it would be.  It didn’t really take much time to do either, even if I did dither around a bit on it.

Finished dragon

Done at last, love the colours on this

I love the colours on this, it’s what first drew me to it.  The shaping on the faces is lovely too, helped along with the judicious use of half stitches.

I’m going to begin on the second piece from the diary this came from Fairy Dreams and will be trying out a “new improved” way to show you the animated progress, so wish me luck!

All I need to do now is find the money for some frames – this isn’t the only piece I want to get hung on the wall.  Unfortunately Floyd has an ear infection so that was a £50 vets bill and my (now not so) trusty laptop is playing up, so I need to save the pennies for a replacement.  Where is there a lottery win when you need one?  I don’t even mind if it’s not the jackpot, a few thousand would go such a long way to making life easier… oh well I’ll keep buying the tickets and hoping for a windfall.

Enjoy your stitching!


About Debbe

I’ve been cross stitching since my early teens some 35 years ago. I love to share my cross-stitching adventures which is what my blog is all about; an insight into my cross-stitching world. Please feel free to join me if cross-stitching is your passion.

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