Snakes & Ladders and Ludo


I’ve had a few requests for these charts, so thought I would put on a quick post to give you the information I have.

These two charts were from the New Stitches magazine, in excess of 10 years ago now I might add.

Snakes and Ladders board

This Snakes & Ladders chart was from issue 31 of New Stitches magazine

Ludo board

This Ludo chart was from issue 41 of New Stitches magazine

I’ve had a quick look and the magazine still seems to be going and they have a back issues page on their website, have a look here.  Click on the drop down list in the left hand menu to bring up the details of the issues.  Looking at the site they should still be able to supply the charts.

I was bought them by my Mum as a materials pack.  I saw them and thought they were lovely, so she bought the magazines then ordered the materials pack that they offered at the time.  She then gave the to me as a Christmas gift that year.

Hope you’re able to get the charts and enjoy stitching them as much as I did.


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