Help please!


I’ve been looking around for a while, trying to track down a particular decorated alphabet and wonder if any of you can help?

This is actually something my sister and I are looking for.  A friend of hers had a birth sampler stitched for one of her grand-daughters,  Some time later, another friend of hers said she would stitch another sampler, using the same alphabet for a 2nd grand-child.  She took the original (to give her an idea on what to do) and also the chart.  That’s pretty much where that part of the story ends, as my sister’s friend never got either back, despite many askings…

So years later, she mentioned this to my sister, as she knows she does cross stitch and my sister said she’d ask around to see if anyone had anything like it in their stash, in which case we’ll re-sew the original and any matching samplers – I think there is even a great grand-child now to stitch for!

This lady’s not in very good health these days and she’s been a good, long time friend to my sister, so it would be lovely if we could help on this.

OK, what do we know… not a great deal.  The original sampler was finished in a bell-pull style which may or may not be the way it was displayed on the chart.  Following several chats and a telephone call to the original recipient we know:

Letter “A” was decorated with an Apple, not that unusual

Letter “E” was decorated with an Elf, more unusual, not that it seems to be helping

Letter “Y” was worked we think, around a Yacht, again not that unusual

There is a rememberance that the letters were stitched in pale pink and pale green, alternating – which I’m guessing was a design choice of the original stitcher and sounds quite nice actually.

We don’t know if it was just a chart or a kit.

If you have this alphabet or have seen it I’d really appreciate you letting me know.  I promise to put details of it on my blog and to keep you updated on any work in progress that comes from it!

Thank you.


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