Weight loss, slow but sure


Nothing to do with cross stitch this time, just thought I’d write a quick update on how my weight loss is going.

As you may know from previous blogs, I joined (well, re-joined) Weight Watchers at the beginning of the year.  It’s going pretty well too.  So far I have lost 17.5lbs in 19 weeks.  Just under a pound a week which is exactly where I’m aiming.  It would have been slightly more except I yo-yo’d for 2 or 3 weeks but seem to be back on track now.

Anyone who’s done WW will know that it’s based on a ‘points’ system, everything is allocated a points value, from 0 upwards.  Those “zero hero’s” as they call them can be real life savers if you’ve had a couple of bad days and want to be really good the day or two before you get weighed!

Anyway, you’re told how many points you can have a day, which reduces as you lose weight and is significantly higher for men, which seems unfair especially as they lose weight much quicker than we girls… and you have an additional 49 points to use as and when you like during the week – especially useful for night’s out, cravings for sweets or chocolate (one of my weaknesses) or just not using and having an even better weight loss.

Then all you do is ‘point up’ as you go along, they give you a paper tracker, to write everything down on, or if you want you can use the online tools and apps they provide, which is the way I usually do it.

You can also earn activity points.  Essentially you do some exercise and depending on what it is, how intense, how long you do it for etc, you earn an allocation of points.  You can use this for more food, or save them for treats or not use them and just know that the exercise is speeding up your weight loss.  This is where I fall down.

Now many people who do crafts, are also pretty active.  I’m not, never was  – much preferred English or History classes (even Maths at a push) at school over PE.  I’m a sit on the sofa with a coffee and a book or a coffee and a piece of stitching kind of girl.  So I really need to find something I can do, which will get me moving and speed up my weight loss.  So I’ve decided to give my leaders ‘challenge’ a go this week.  Our leader, Jill, has today suggested we all try to earn 2 points per day through activity.

I have a pedometer, a WW one which you key your weight into, and it tells you how many steps a day you should be walking to keep healthy.  Once you’ve done those steps, you begin earning activity points, which it calculates and tracks over the day and week.  Resetting at the end of each week.

You may think that earning those points will be easy, well let me just explain that a Cadbury’s Caramel bar, all 45g of it (6 squares), would ‘cost’ me 7 points when I ate it.  Going on Jill’s challenge, that’s 3.5 days activity just for a small treat!

Thank goodness you can lose weight, albeit more slowly, without going crazy on the exercise, otherwise I need to become a marathon runner!

Enjoy your stitching and your treats!


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    • It does help me! The WW one is really good, you re-set your weight each week and it recalculates what steps you need to do etc. Just hope I can hit the 2 activity points a week on our challenge!

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