Another birthday card


My friend Karen had a birthday recently so I stitched her a last minute card.  A pretty patchwork style initial which stitched up in an afternoon.  In fact it took almost as long to decide on how to add her ‘present IOU’ and mount it!

I needed it to be a quick project as I only began it on the Saturday and her birthday was the next day – I had intended to get it done well before, but got side-tracked somehow, that seems to be happening quite a bit recently.

Anyway, I am absolutely certain that I have a lovely ‘pull out’ chart from a magazine I bought a while ago, which is for a floral alphabet.  So the plan was to find this and stitch the K for my friend Karen.  Only, I couldn’t and, in fact, still can’t find the chart anywhere and this is in my newly organised sewing stash, so what hope is there really?

So, first plan scuppered before I begin, onto Plan B – look through magazines, I’m one of those people who keeps them as they’re bound to be useful later, and I came up with a pretty patchwork style alphabet instead.  In truth this probably stitched up quicker than the floral one would have done so maybe it’s for the best.

Patchwork Alphabet letter K

Quite pretty really and stitched up in an evening.

When it came to mounting the card I also realised that my store of aperture cards is somewhat depleted, so I had to ‘surface mount’ the stitching.  So now I also need to order some aperture cards and probably some threads and as I’ve had another think about good old “King Tut” probably some other items too, it’s such a chore being a stitcher, all those websites to wander through, spending my money – oh the hardship!

I’d already decided that I was going to take her out for coffee and a bun for a birthday treat, so I added a “IOU” onto the card – all we need to do now is arrange a date and time; easier said than done I might add as she has a hectic social life!

Patchwork Alphabet letter K with IOUKaren 2 2013

All we have to do now is sort out a date… could be some time!

Just need to plan for Karen 2 and Fatima’s birthdays now – anyone seen a floral alphabet chart laying around?…

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