The Death Mask, part 3 – a change of plans


OK I give in.  I admit it, I really do not enjoy stitching this kit.  It’s a combination of all the things I’ve mentioned in previous blogs.  So it’s time to admit – not defeat, but that I need a Plan B…

It’s true.  In all the year’s I’ve been stitching, I don’t think I’ve ever had a design I’ve enjoyed working on less than this one.  With the darker fabric (not usually a problem), annoying metallic threads, really poor chart – I’ve decided to have a total rethink on this project.

Pro’s – My dad will be thrilled when he receives it.  Though at the moment that’s looking like an unlikely ending to this tale.

Con’s – I have to stitch it before he can be thrilled with it, and me!

So – onto Plan B…

I’m going to re-kit this.  I’m going to buy new fabric, threads where necessary – switching the current metallics to the Kreinik ones I’ve mentioned before and begin all over again. I’m even going to rechart it for myself – that will take some time to do…

If all that doesn’t work, then I’ll admit defeat.

At least it’s almost half term – though I’m really not sure how we got here, isn’t it only 2 minutes since Christmas?  Must be those time-warps again.  So during the holiday along with sorting out the garden, everytime we plan to do that it rains, I’ll work on that too.  Hopefully by the end of the holiday I’ll be ready to give it another go.

Wish me luck – I think I may need it!


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