Where does the time go?


I can’t believe it’s close to 3 weeks since I last posted anything!  No real excuse, other than I have no idea where the time has gone…

There is quite a bit going on at home at the moment and I have to admit that I have struggled to sit down and stitch.  Not so much through lack of time, but lack of motivation.

Add into the mix, one of my busiest times at work and before you know it a fortnight has passed and I’ve done very little sewing.  This is when I not only have all the usual day to day jobs to do, but when we also begin to plan what the school needs data wise for the new academic year, so it always gets a bit hairy!

Still I think I’ve turned a corner… Yesterday, I sat in the sunshine and stitched for a couple of hours.  My dragons are coming on very nicely, I have pictures but need to get them off my camera which is in the next room, so will do that later and post them separately.  I’d hoped to have them finished by now, but am not going to get myself all wound up about that, no point really.

Back to that time thing… Do you ever feel like you get into some kind of time-warp?  You know the thing, one minute it’s 7am and you have plenty of time to eat breakfast, dress and be out the door for 7.40am; then wham!  You’re the other side of the time warp, still not dressed and you should have left the house 5 minutes before – but, and here’s the thing…

  1. You didn’t do anything in particular to fill the time and
  2. you never noticed the time passing

So what happened?  I think it’s some kind of space time continium thing.  Sci-fi watchers and readers will no doubt have all sorts of theories, I just think time jumps about without you noticing – after all what else could explain it?  Certainly not the “interesting piece” on the breakfast news, that I just had to watch, or the last minute decision to stack the dishwasher or put in a load of washing, or take one out for that matter.  After all, those jobs only “take a minute”, don’t they?

So, hopefully I’m now out the other side of my time warp and can get back to the normality of stitching, taking pictures, posting blogs and generally feeling good.

When I do next post pictures, I’m going to try out a new service called Slide Share, it lets you put “slide shows” into your website using a bit of code they supply, which should make my attempt at an animated presentation of how the work on the dragon picture has progressed look better and be easier for you to view.

If  I can work out how to do it, I feel another time warp coming on!


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