Quick update


As I haven’t been into my blog for a while longer than I would like, I thought I’d do a quick update whilst the pie for dinner cooks in the oven.

Even though it’s been a school holiday, 2 lovely weeks off over the Easter holiday, I’ve actually done very little stitching in the past few weeks.

Though I have to brag, my oven sparkles and so it should after the amount of time I spent cleaning it!  My freezer, is completely frost free… and the fridge is fresh and full of lovely healthy things to eat – well most of them anyway, I did put a bar of Whole Nut and a bottle of wine in there when I got home this evening – but a girl has to have some fun!

I also washed curtains, stripped beds, took up a pair of leggings which were too long – they looked OK in the shop when I held them against myself… and generally sorted out paperwork etc.

I think it can be said I had a Spring Clean, now that Spring looks to actually be here; mind you I didn’t get in the garden as I would have liked, am hoping to do that this weekend.  There’s always something left on the “To Do” list, have you noticed that?

The diet is still going well, I’ve lost 1st 4lb so far and already feel better for it.  I’ve noticed that my ability to hold onto myself whilst in odd positions has improved (that’s my yoga class I’m talking about – don’t go getting ideas!), it really does help when the spare tyre starts to deflate somewhat!

Talking of Yoga, I had a bit of a surprise today after class.  I was chatting to my instructor, Isabel, and she suggested that I think about taking the Yoga Teacher Training course.  Now I love my yoga class, I’ve never done exercise before where I don’t ache like mad the next day and feel both relaxed and energised afterwards.  But I never thought I would be good enough to even think about doing a teaching course on it.  Now, as I said to Isabel, I don’t think I’d want to teach a class, but she assures me about a third of the people who take the course do it for their own enjoyment and personal development; which does appeal to me.  Isabel takes a lot of time in class explaining the poses and sequences and what they will do for us, but I’d really like the more in-depth knowledge of how and why and what other pose or sequence would complement it etc.  So I think I’m going to book myself onto the taster day and see what happens – you never know what may come of it.

By the way, if you’re thinking to yourself, hold on a minute, she’s on a diet and does yoga and she’s eating meat pie and chocolate, that doesn’t add up.  Well all I can say is “I do love Weight Watchers! ” An occassional treat and you still lose weight, just have to be sensible most of the time.  I’ve not set a final target yet, am just taking it a day at a time and will decide in a few months how much I want to lose.

I was at cross stitch club last night, which is always a good evening.  We’d been talking about resurrecting our club blog, which has been idle for several months due to a change of group leader.  I’d volunteered to do the updates but I don’t think it will come off as there doesn’t seem much enthusiasm for giving me details of themselves (to let people know who we are etc) or about their projects.  So I’ll just have to add news in about what we do, here on Crossed Threads.  Pity, but there you go.

Well the oven is about to bleep and the pie smells lovely so I’ll leave it here.  I’ll be working on a quick birthday card tonight (so the wine will have to wait till tomorrow) as it’s my friend Karen’s birthday this weekend and I need to get it done.

Hope you’re enjoying your stitching and not getting distracted by Spring as I have.


About Debbe

I’ve been cross stitching since my early teens some 35 years ago. I love to share my cross-stitching adventures which is what my blog is all about; an insight into my cross-stitching world. Please feel free to join me if cross-stitching is your passion.

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