A Mother’s Love, 2


Sorry I haven’t been blogging recently, what with an end of term approaching and it being the time of year when we’re trying to prepare for the Summer exam results, plan for next year, prepare for next year (once we’ve planned for it) and not being well for a week or two, the time has just disappeared since my last blog.

I’ve done some sewing, though not as much as I would have liked, as I’ve had a really bad head cold for the last couple of weeks, just not been able to shake it off.  You know what it’s like, you feel ‘sort of” OK, so you go to work, but by the time you get home your head is pounding, you feel like your sinuses have been stuffed with cotton wool and your internal temperature gauge has left you in the lurch; so, for me, out come the Lemsip and early nights, preceded by hot baths and helped along with hot water bottles.

I’m one of those people who, when they’re ill, just wants to sleep; curled up in bed, not on the sofa.  So the sewing, reading, blogging and diet (more on that later) have all taken a nose dive recently.

Still, I think I’m finally getting there, so thought I would post an update on this project and let you see some pictures.  Almost half done, hope to have it finished by this weekend.

I thought I would try something different this time for showing you my progress…

I’ve taken a picture at the end of each sewing session and created a slideshow of them to show a very basic animated progress.  Hope you like it.   Just click on the link below to view.

Dragon Slide show

In case you can’t view the file, the latest picture is shown below.

Dragon, progress to date

Here’s where I am so far, quite pretty

That’s it for now, will let you see how it goes over the next few days.  Happy stitching!


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