Keeping me company


Not sure how and where you stitch, mine tends to be done at home snuggled up and comfy on the settee, TV or radio on for background noise.  I can’t watch and sew at the same time, well not unless I want to spend the first hour of my next sewing session unpicking my work…

So whilst I’m snuggled up the pups and pusses are usually somewhere close by.  They’re used to it now.  Me on the settee, cup of tea on the table to my left, sewing bag propped up against the settee, scissors and threads on the arm of the settee where I can reach them easily, all settled and ready to stitch.

So what to do if you’re the family pup or puss?  Well snuggle up somewhere close by, safe in the knowledge that your mistress isn’t going anywhere for a while so you can have a nice, uninterrupted snooze.  That’s what my gang do anyway!

So tonight whilst I’m sat here typing away I have Molly snuggled up next to me snoozing with an occassional flurry of cleaning and the odd long, satisfied yawn.

Company 2

She likes the extra body heat!

I tell myself that she likes to be snuggled right up against me for myself, but I’m honest enough to know she just likes the extra body warmth, like all cats, Molly doesn’t believe there is anything such as ‘too warm’.

Just across from me, on the floor for a change (I keep saying they’re not allowed on the settee, but in truth it’s where they usually snooze on an evening…) are Floyd and Lucy (Floyd is closest to you in the picture).


If she won’t take us for a walk, we’ll just have to chew and snooze…

They seem to be of the opinion, that if we’re not going to take them for a walk, they don’t believe there is such a thing as too much exercise, then they may as well build up all the energy they can ready for next time.  Floyd does look hard done by – he’ s a real sweetie and as he’d be only too happy to tell you if he could, “it’s a ‘hard’ life being a well loved pup, all those walks, cuddles and treats to deal with”.  Lucy is simply taking the time for a good gnaw on her latest hide chew.

So here we all are, Lixie is no doubt snuggled up somewhere he’s not meant to be, so we’re all settled for the evening.  As long as Molly doesn’t suddenly decide she wants to chase the needle and thread whilst I sew, we should have a good evening.

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