Celtic Cross 4, all done!


It’s done, I’ve made up the cushion and am so proud of it and myself!

As you may recall, I finished the stitching at the beginning of February and have been trying to organise getting together with a friend or relative so they could help me make it into a cushion cover.  Well I did it today, all by myself and am so proud of the finished product!

Ta Da!!

Cushion Front

I’m so proud of this!

Cushion Reverse

My husband’s first comment was “it feels like one of those expensive bought cushions”!

Now anyone who knows me, or who has read this blog before will know, I’m quite happy to take on pretty much any cross stitch project, but using a sewing machine is not something I’m skilled at!

So as my sister has been unable to help out, she’s taking a course at the moment which eats into her weekends, I decided to do a bit of research and see just what was involved in making this piece into a cushion (after all I thought, it’s only 4 straight lines, even I should be able to manage that) and once I had that information, I decided to go for it.

I found this piece on The Seasoned Homemaker’s blog and it was brilliant – I actually understood what I needed to do (even if I didn’t do it as well as she does) and more importantly was able to do it.  I didn’t make my own piping (give a girl a chance), but did make the envelope pillow, don’t I sound as if I know what I’m talking about! and added bought cording around the edges.

I went to a local haberdashery (have you noticed how few of these there are nowadays?) at The Mill Batley; Direct Fabric Warehouse, who were so helpful and who I’ll definitely use again when I need any fabric etc.

Then it was down to Mum’s to use her sewing machine.  She’s had this machine as long as I can remember, during our chatting we decided I was a toddler when she bought it, and it’s made so many things over the years and will handle just about anything you can throw as it – including me!  So some decades after I last tackled the sewing machine (we reckon it’s going on 20+ years since I last had a go), there I was, using Old Reliable again.  It’s funny but I felt good sitting there, must be the memories of watching my Mum do the same over the years.

In case you’re wondering, given that this is a gift for my Mum and I’ve done really well at her not seeing anything, how did I sew it on her machine, in her house?  Easy, I banished her to the other room once things were set up with a deal that if I got really stuck she’d have ‘selective blindness’ if she saw anything whilst helping me.

Old Reliable

Laptop in background so I could check each step as I went!

So I set the laptop up at the other side of the table and set to work.  I’d backed the cross stitch with iron on interfacing and cut out the envelope sides the day before at my house, so was all ready to begin stitching when I arrived.

Cushion WIP

Getting everything ready to take to Mums

Things were going fine, till I needed a zipper foot, which we couldn’t find of course!  So I hand stitched the cording around, then followed it up with a line of stitching as close to it as possible which seems to have worked OK.

Within a few hours I had a fully stitched cushion – which actually fits the cushion inner I bought, how good is that!

I took it home to tidy up the cord slightly, I didn’t get the join on this as neat as I would have liked, but am OK with it now I’ve done a bit of hand tidying and I added a press-stud to the back as it bulges ever so slightly and showed the inner cushion.

Now I know it’s not perfect, but you know what I don’t mind and nor will my Mum, because she knows it’s been stitched by me, for her and done with love and all the skill I possess.  Plus, Mum’s like to get homemade gifts from their children, no matter how old they may be, and understand that they won’t all be perfect – but that it really is the thought that counts.

So I feel confident that no matter what, next Sunday when I give my Mum her gift, she’ll be thrilled with it!  And so will I.


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