Something different


You may recall that a while ago we had some visitors to our local cross stitch group; more on the club site blog in a while.  Well they very kindly left us some kits as a gift and I chose one of them as a future project.

They’re a Chinese brand called Oker, and were from a range of quite unusual designs and finished items.

I chose a money wallet, double sided, one for a boy the other for a girl so you can choose which you want to stitch.  On a material which seems to be a cross between Aida and plastic canvas.  Once stitched up you slide the money (or in my case most likely a gift card) inside and give as a gift.

They also left a couple of larger kits which make up into clutch bag type items.

They are lovely made up kits.  All the threads are pre-sorted (always a bonus) nice clear colour charts, with diagrams on the reverse showing all the possible stitches (full, fractional, back and long stitch).  The one I’ve chosen should stitch up quite quickly as it’s full stitch only and no backstitch.

Money wallet packaging

Nice clear diagrams of the possible stitches you may have to use.

Money wallet kit

Threads pre-sorted, nice clear coloured charts.

Have added it into my future projects box, will let you know when I get to it.

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