Birthday Card – March Deadline… part 2


It’s done!  and very pretty it is too…

I’m really pleased with this card, have just mounted it up and it’s all ready to be given to my sister-in-law for her birthday next month.

Birthday Card March

All done in time for my sister-in-law’s birthday.

It was quite an easy stitch really but a couple of things which I need to remember in case I decide to stitch it again…

The half stitch for the blue (very pale blue) for the sky was a bit of a nightmare to see under artificial light, so would either switch it for a slightly darker blue or make sure I stitch it in natural daylight.

The backstitching was a bit of a nightmare, as it’s one of those patterns which don’t follow the grid; it gives a more natural looking outline once finished, but a bit of a pain to ‘push through’ stitches etc.  Worth it though.

So what next?

Well I still have to make up Mum’s cushion; need to speak to my sister about gettting together to do that and of course I need to get on with Dad’s picture.  Oh and there is still the Christmas Sampler and the new projects to get on with (am using the new projects  as a bit of a ‘carrot’ to make sure I do the other things first!)

So, no more procrastinating once I’ve finished on this blog I’m going to get Dad’s project out and begin on that.  Think I’ll do a day of ‘normal’ stitching then a day of metallic thread stitching, perhaps if I do it in short bursts it won’t drive me too crazy!


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