Unexpected Visitors


Thought I would let you know about some visitors we had to our cross stitch club last meeting.  As you may recall I am a member of Spen Valley Cross Stitch Club, and it was our meeting last Wednesday.

As you’d expect most people are regulars so it’s nice to see a new face.  Now I had been contacted by a lady (through this blog – wow) who was hoping to come along and see what we got up to.  So when I arrived at the meeting I thought that one of the new faces may be her.

As it turned out I was wrong.  This group of visitors, 1 man and 2 ladies were over from near Liverpool (some 60 odd miles away).  When I asked what brought them over to us, they said they fancied a day out in Leeds (a few miles down the road from us) and decided to visit a couple of clubs local to the area whilst they were over.

Apparently they’d visited a group near Leeds in the morning, gone into Leeds for the afternoon and were spending time with us before driving back to Liverpool.

They’d had a lovely day, chatting with other stitchers, showing their current projects – all large, detailed and very impressive and managing to shop at the same time.  Sounds like a good day when you say it like that, especially if you go somewhere you know has a good selection of craft stores with stitching supplies…

The gentleman, Francis, mentioned that in the past he’s attended some of the ‘cross stitch weekends’ you see advertised.  They usually include a night or two in a hotel, sessions where you can listen to speakers or learn something new about cross stitch etc.  From what I’ve heard they are usually very good, if on the expensive side.  So he’s been thinking about arranging something similar but on a smaller scale.  Say a 1 or 2 night stay bed, breakfast and evening meal in a nice hotel; without speakers or classes but somewhere with a light airy lounge where people could meet up, sew, chat, swap tips, drink coffee etc.  Sounds a nice idea, and a few people said they would be interested in hearing more if he manages to organise anything.

You never know, from one meeting with ‘strangers’ we could all make some new friends.

As for the lady who contacted me, unfortunately she didn’t make it.  Maybe next time…


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