Celtic Cross 3 – Stitching Finished!


Well the stitching is done!  Am really pleased with the finished design, just need to make it into a cushion now.

It’s odd, I’ve been working on this, off and on (mostly off) for over a year, yet once I got within the last few hours of stitching it felt like it had taken no time at all.

Celtic Cross Finished

The finished item, Celtic Cross for Mother’s Day

I’m really pleased with the finished item, just needs a good wash and then making into a cushion, the tricky bit for me!  I mentioned to my sister the other day that I had a sewing project and was she (a) any use with a sewing machine and (b) had one?

The answer’s were not entirely reassuring, yes she could use one, and yes she has one, but we may be better off using Mum’s…  You might think what’s wrong with those answers, they were both positives weren’t they?  But you weren’t there to hear the way she said those apparently confident statements.  She might be right about using Mum’s machine though, it may be old but it is a good one and we have both used it in the past, albeit years ago…

Still, we decided that, between the two of us, we were capable of putting a cushion cover together, you’ll have to wait until another post to see how it goes!

I don’t know about you, but I like to ‘sign’ each of my projects once finished.  I use a simple backstich ‘signature’ of my initials and the year, in this case 2013, DD.  It needs to be unobtrusive so I’ve used one of the pale yellow’s and placed it in the corner of the bottom left arc on this piece.  Maybe you can see the small patch of yellow patch on the photo?

Celtic Cross Signed

Signature on Celtic Cross

Once that’s done I know I have definitely finished the cross stitch!

So, what’s next?  Well Father’s Day isn’t that far away really, and if I miss that deadline his birthday is just a few weeks later, so that means the Tutankhamun Death Mask is back out and on the frame.  So will post a picture of that next time.  I’ve been wondering if there is something out there, that will allow me to do a ‘flicker book’ type thing so you can see a animated progress picture, will have to ask my hubby…

Of course, I’ve done the old trick again, and have started another small project as well as doing this one.  It’s my sister-in-law’s birthday soon and I’ve got a lovely card which I think she’ll like so that is on the go too.

Oh well, life would be boring if we only stuck to one thing at a time, wouldn’t it?

Have fun with your stitching, will post again soon.

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