Celtic Cross 2


Just a quick blog today as I don’t have much time.

The Celtic Cross is almost done!  I have the final few stitches in dark blue to do on the upper left ‘arc’ and the backstitch around the outside and then it will be time to make it into a cushion.

Am really pleased with it and will post a picture of the finished item in the next few days.

I don’t know if you recall from previous blogs, but this is actually a kit which my Mum purchased a few years ago and isn’t able to stitch now due to health problems.

Now the kit mentions an ‘extra thread service’ so if you run out, (which I did on the dark blue, by only a couple of lengths, odd really as there is plenty of the other colours but there you go), you fill in a form, pop it into in an envelope along with a SAE and send it off.  Given that it has been some time since it was purchased I was a bit concerned they may not still offer this service, or wouldn’t have the thread, so I gave them a call.  A very nice lady, said “not a problem, send us your request through, we still do that kit”, so off my request went in Wednesday night’s post.  On Friday – a mere 2 days later, the threads arrived back with me; now that’s what I call service!

Now, I know it was sent 1st class each way, but let’s face it, how many of us believe the Post Office still does  a 1st class next day delivery?  So this lady must have received it Thursday, popped the threads straight into the envelope and back into the post box same day, for me to get the delivery the following morning.

Pity the supplier, Treasure Island Products in Colwyn Bay don’t seem to have a website as I would definitely be giving you a link to it.

On top of the great service, she popped a leaflet in showing their Celtic Collection; which has a very nice Celtic Dragon on it (I really like dragons) so when I have the money I think I’ll be ordering that for a future project.

That’s it for now, I really do need to get on and finish the cross.  Enjoy your stitching, I’ll post another blog in a few days showing the ‘finished’ item.

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