Celtic Cross


Now that the smaller unfinished projects are out of the way, it’s time to face up to the bigger ones…  That may sound as though I don’t want to finish them which isn’t true – but I do have a couple of really nice, new designs I want to stitch.

The next project on my list is to stitch the Celtic Cross I was supposed to get finished last year for my Mum’s 70th birthday; only it never happened.  So I am determined it will be done for Mother’s Day.

Celtic Cross 3 arcs

It’s come on quite a bit since I last posted a picture and, if I really work at it, may even be finished in the next week.  Once it’s done I’m going to ask around my sister and friends to see if someone can help me make it into a cushion.  I may be pretty nifty with cross stitch, but I’m hopeless with a sewing machine!

Once this one is done I need to move onto Dad’s Tutankhamun’s death mask picture.  Now that, I’m sure, will be much less fun than this, all those metallic threads – eek.

I’ll let you have an update in a few days on how I’m doing with this.  Enjoy your stitching in the meantime.

Oh and if you’re wondering what these new designs are I keep going on about, they’re nothing exciting really, just a couple of small designs which caught my eye in the 2013 Joan Elliott’s Stitcher’s Diary, which was a freebie with a recent The World of Cross Stitching magazine; April and September, if you have a copy and want to see what I’m talking about.


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  1. Hi debbe, I’ve really enjoyed your blog so thank you for posting. I’ve been promising myself to attend the Spent Valley Cross Stitch Group since contacting Hazel last year but I live in Barnsley and I’ve also taken on extra days at work! So it’s been hard trying to get to Cleckheaton. However I made it a resolution to become involved with a x stitch group and make new friends, so could you tell me when your next meeting will be and if it’s okay if I come along
    . 🙂 thank you. Mandy 🙂

    • Hi Mandy

      Glad you like the blog, sorry we haven’t been keeping the cross stitch club blog up to date, Hazel’s had to give up leadership of the group and we’re not sure if it will keep going past the next few months…

      Still, our next meeting is this Weds 6th Feb at 7.00 – 9.00pm in the hall of the Methodist Church in Cleckheaton. Don’t know if you know the area, but come off at Jn 26 of the M62, head for Cleckheaton. In the town centre there is a set of traffic lights (Memorial park diagonal to your right), turn right, at the end of the park turn left (down in front of the Post Office) and then 1st right. Car park is on your right, or park on the street. Entrance is back along the path, last door on your left (green I think). Through the inner door and we’re in the room on the right. Anne (who is currently leading the group) is usually at the raffle table on the right.

      If you do come along, please introduce yourself, and please don’t mention the Celtic Cross, my mum will be there and she doesn’t know about her intended Mothers’ Day gift!

      • Thank you Debbe, Sorry I posted twice, I didn’t think I’d posted the first message properly. Thanks for the directions. Mum’s the word about your Celtic Cross.

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