It’s not just stitching we do…


As anyone who does a craft will know, it’s not just the actual thing that you do, there are always lots of bits around your hobby which tie in.  For me that includes mounting, framing, backing, etc all the projects which come my way.

As it was a snow day the other day, I decided it was time to get on with backing the Snakes and Ladders board.  I’ve been putting the job off, no idea why, as I know from the Ludo board that it was an easy job, if a bit time consuming.

Its not just stiching

I used sticky backed felt for this, the same as for the Ludo board.   This stuff is really good for backing your stitching, it’s washable (says it can go in the machine but personally I would hand wash) and really easy to use.

I trimmed the fabric to 2″ (5cm) around the design, then added a 1″ (2.5cm) hem using an iron-on ‘wundaweb’ type product.  Then I cut out the sticky backed felt, laid the design onto it and slowly smoothed it out, uncovering the felt as I went.  Finally I trimmed the felt along the edge of the cross stitch.  Easy!  All I need now is a nice piece of ribbon to tie the finished board in a roll.

Sticky Back Felt

I’m so pleased with the finished item!

Snakes and Ladders Backed

I have some red and white felt left over and think I might use it to back a couple of bookmarks I’m thinking of making.  I know many people now have Kindles or read books on their phones and iPads etc but I still read ‘proper’ books as well as on my Kindle and I know my nephew loves his books, so a simple bookmark with his name on may be added to the project list for Easter.  We don’t give eggs  – he gets plenty of those so, and doesn’t even have a sweet tooth – unlike his Auntie… so a bookmark may be just the thing, and I can make it from leftovers, so no cost involved – even better.

Those tags I mentioned for Christmas – now I could stitch those on plastic canvas, back with the red felt and they could be re-used as Christmas tree decorations!  OK, so that’s another little project I need to add to the list…

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