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Well the Christmas cards are in the box ready for December, at least the first batch are.  Can’t quite believe I’ve got some of my cards done and it’s only January – wow!  I want to add some more and also stitch some gift tags which I’ll do a little later.  Before then I want to finish all the mounting and tidying up jobs from the unfinished projects pile.

Great news, my order of DMC threads has arrived!  Which of course means what I really want to do is start the new projects I’ve bought them for, but of course the pile of unfinished projects is still looming on the dining table.

I decided that this time, I wouldn’t “keep them tidy in the box”, whilst working my way through them, as all that really means is “out of sight, out of mind!” so they are sat there, slightly accusing on the dining table.  With a cloth over them I have to admit, or Lixie will be curled up on top of them and then I’d have to de-fluff them!

Anyway, I’m being strong and continuing with the pretty little card I’m working on.  It’s from “The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady”, range of products and was a free card kit in a World of Cross Stitching magazine I bought.  I’ve done a couple of pieces from this range and whilst they’re not something I’d necessarily buy they do make lovely give-aways and always stitch up fairly quickly.  So, hope to have that finished tomorrow.

I’m at my cross stitch club tomorrow, it’s held twice a month and I attend with my Mum and sister who are both stitchers.  To be honest half the time we chatter rather than stitch, but it’s supposed to be a social thing, so why not!  I always enjoy seeing what the other members are stitching, there is a real mix of projects on the go at any one time.

On a completely different note, if you or anyone you know is trying to lose weight, tell them to cross stitch!  I’m trying to lose some weight and have just (re)joined Weight Watchers.  Now I know that cross stitch is not exactly a sporty pasttime (I don’t do sporty…) but it does stop you eating, after all with your fabric in one hand and a needle in the other, you can’t hold a biscuit or chocolate  so you don’t eat them!

Mind you I think I need to re-start the Yoga too, so that I do at least give my joints some form of movement…

Happy stitching, I’ll add photos next time of what I’ve been working on.

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