It’s not just threads we buy…


I have to admit that now I’m back at work, and staring at a computer all day my stitching has slowed on an evening; I’m just too tired!  Still I think I’m getting back into the early morning habit now so will begin again tonight.

I’m doing quite well on the pile of ‘guilty secrets‘ I mentioned the other day, I’ve now got all but one of the Christmas cards finished and mounted.  Once the final card is stitched, that will be all my Christmas cards done for immediate family in 2013 – wow I’ve never been so organised!

Christmas Cards

I’ve finished mounting the rest of the cards in the pile and am  just waiting for some envelopes to arrive then I can put the other cards from the pile into my card box for use during the year.

I’ve also sat down and put together a list of all the planned occassions during the year e.g. Birthdays, Anniversaries etc and the people I want to stitch for in Excel (I am a data analyst so where else would I do it?).  Next step is to add in what I want to stitch and plan the time in to do it.  Sounds really organised, not sure how long it will last though!

Now as all stitchers know, it’s not just threads and fabric, charts and kits which tempt us into parting with our money (though they do a really good job of it).  My latest purchase, which sad to say, has brought a smile to my face, is… wait for it… a single hole punch!

Why?  I hear you cry.  Well whilst I was tidying up my completed kits I came across quite a few where I’d used plastic thread bobbins, which are quite bulky when you’re putting things away in folders.  The thread bobbins are my favourite way of keeping threads when I’m stitching but they also cost money so I moved all the leftover threads onto home made thread cards, the ones which are made of card and have holes down the side.  I can now recycle the thread bobbins onto my next project and save some money.

I used a usual two hole punch to make the cards, but they weren’t very tidy so I decided to invest in a single hole punch.  At less than £2 including postage and arriving in just a few days, I can see these being part of my cross stitch tool box from many years to come.

In case you’re wondering what I mean by a single hole punch, have a look below – yes I’m so sad I even took a photo of them!

Single Hole Punch

I really need to get out more!

That’s it for now, time to finish the back stitching on the last of the Christmas cards.


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