Almost sorted…


Well I’ve done what I promised myself and have spent much of the last couple of days sorting out my cross stitch stash – and am almost there now.

You don’t realise how much stuff you have accumulated; and I’ve had several clear outs over the years, or how untidy it has all got, again, until you have a tidy up.

I much prefer to say tidy up than clear out, it sounds kinder.  I’m not much of a hoarder in general but do find I like to keep things from my stitching projects over the years.  After all you never know when someone might say “have you ever seen that chart of ‘xxx’?, I’d love to stitch it” and guess what?  You have it and can pass it on to be lovingly created all over again.

Once the camera battery has finished recharging I may even take a photo to show you all how organised I’ve become.

Of course, there is always a “downside” to having a tidy up.  Mine is that I now have a mini mountain of projects which have been finished and simply need mounting or backing; or were begun but, which for lots of very good reasons, I didn’t finish.

Now don’t deny it, I know all stitchers have these pieces hidden away as a sort of guilty secret; you know the ones I’m talking about.  You were working on a piece when a birthday or other happy occassion came along, so you broke off to stitch something for that, only somehow, you never actually got back to the original piece and it got pushed to the back of the drawer/bottom of the workbag ready for when you next had a tidy up.

Gulity Secrets Jan 2012

It’s not as bad as it looks really…

Well my guilty secrets have caught up with me, so the first job of 2013 is to finish these before I start on anything new.  Which could be a challenge, as those threads I mentioned the other day should be here soon and once they arrive, I won’t want to be working on my unfinished projects – so I better be up early tomorrow to get as far on with things as I can before the new threads arrive, temptation raises it’s head again and lures me away to something new.


About Debbe

I’ve been cross stitching since my early teens some 35 years ago. I love to share my cross-stitching adventures which is what my blog is all about; an insight into my cross-stitching world. Please feel free to join me if cross-stitching is your passion.

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  1. I had a good tidy of mine a few weeks ago. Isn’t it amazing how all of these charts and kits and other bits of stash mount up. Honestly, I’ve no idea where it all came from *whistles innocently*
    I’m determined not to buy any more until I’ve made a dent in what I already have. We’ll see how long that lasts then…

    • Hi Carole

      Thanks for getting in touch, I know exactly what you mean about not buying anything else, only I’ve already broken that resolution! It is only some threads I told myself, I have the chart and the frames so a few more threads can’t hurt, can they? Ah well… Happy stitching!

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